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Rivermont Collegiate

Where students develop Intellect, Character, and Creativity.


Intellect, Character, Creativity

Rivermont’s gifted faculty provide a demanding and comprehensive education driven by excellent resources and small class sizes. Rivermont provides students with the necessary tools and honest desire to pursue knowledge independently, to lead their peers in community involvement, to prize fitness and compete athletically, and to take intellectual and artistic risks.

Early School

The Early School at Rivermont Collegiate provides children with their first step in formal education. This important transition from family as the primary learning environment to a broader learning community sets the stage and develops skills and attitudes necessary for success.

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Lower School

Rivermont Collegiate provides an environment in which students experience the joy of learning and the excitement of discovery. Our teachers are equally concerned about helping each child develop socially, emotionally, and physically. In partnership with parents, teachers strive to meet the needs of every child. Active family support and frequent home-school communication help children accomplish their goals.

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Middle School

Rivermont Collegiate is committed to removing any roadblocks to success for its Middle School students. The widest possible array of choices in curriculum and extra-curricular activities help assure that each student is able to achieve academic and personal goals successfully.

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Upper School

The Rivermont Upper School student is well-rounded, with many opportunities available for personal and academic development. Good citizenship is emphasized in every aspect of student life. Rivermont students, although diverse in their national and cultural backgrounds, share a common concern for each other as well as for the community at large.

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Rivermont students continue a proud tradition of athletic excellence and leadership in clubs and organizations.

Varsity Boys’ Basketball: Rivermont’s team competes in the Iowa High School Athletic Association Class 1A. A typical season begins in January; the School’s Homecoming revolves around this team of seasoned players. Home games are often evenly-matched, exciting and provide ample opportunity for Rivermont families, friends and staff to mingle and show their school pride.

Cheerleading: The cheer team is comprised of male and female students endeavoring to improve their gymnastic, dance, cheer and all-around athletic abilities. Teamwork, experimentation and coordination are key skills needed for success. The squad typically performs at all home Varsity Boys’ Basketball games.

Cooperative Programs: Students interested in taking part in other athletic teams are encouraged to take advantage of the Rivermont’s cooperative agreement with Bettendorf Public Schools. Rivermont students often compete alongside Bettendorf students in football, soccer, track & field and golf.

Computer Club: Rivermont students with an interest above and beyond the progressive curriculum offerings join together to learn more about the world of Computer Science, and put that knowledge to practical use. One notable example is Rivermont’s annual “Computer Optimization Day”; club members raise funding for their computer education by tending to the software/hardware needs of interested QC residents.

Drama Club: Drama Club students enjoy theatre—as participants and audience members. They work to promote the Rivermont Drama program in the school and the community, they raise funds to help support the program, and they try to attend at least one outside theatre performance each year. Drama Club is open to all Middle School and Upper School students.

National Honor Societies: The National Honor Society (NHS) and National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) are the nation's premier organizations established to recognize outstanding high school and middle level students. More than just an honor roll, NHS and NJHS serve to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character (and Citizenship for NJHS). These characteristics have been associated with membership in the organization since their beginnings in 1921 and 1929.

College Counseling

What is unique about Rivermont’s college counseling program? Bonnie Campbell, Director of College Counseling, describes Rivermont's program as being custom built to the individual and limitless. Counseling is structured and thorough; each student receives extensive personalized attention throughout the sometimes complicated application process, including search, application, interview, and acceptance. The program includes individual meetings with both students and parents, an extensive library of college view books, presentations by college admissions counselors, and college night presentations. Students create spreadsheets to compile research on a variety of schools, draft and polish their resume, and apply to a minimum of six schools (two “safety” schools, two “reach” schools, and two “in between”). From interviewing tips to arranging college visits and applying for scholarships, Rivermont’s college counseling program is an invaluable resource.

Contact Bonnie Campbell
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Preparation Overview

The process begins in earnest in 9th grade, continues through college acceptance, high school graduation, and throughout life as an Alumni.

  • Guidance--Summer programs/internships, interest vocational surveys, 1-on-1 sessions with Director of C.C.
  • Financing--Scholarships aggressively pursued, FAFSA presentations, Financial Aid guest speakers
  • Parental Attention--Comprehensive walks through the admissions process
  • Portfolio--Carefully presented resume, entrance essays, and collateral materials: recommendations, samples etc.
  • Choice--Application quotas, small-group visits with college admission counselors, required college visits

100% of Rivermont Collegiate graduates are accepted to a four year college. A sampling of colleges where recent graduates have been accepted:

College Counseling News
by: Bonnie Campbell, Director of College Counseling

March 2013
The SAT I Gets a Makeover!

“While the SAT is the best standardized measure of college and career readiness currently available, the College Board has a responsibility to the millions of students we serve each year to ensure that our programs are continuously evaluated and enhanced, and most importantly, respond to the emerging needs of those we serve.” – David Coleman, President of the College Board

Last week the College Board announced that work will begin to revise the SAT I to better align the test with the current Core Curriculum standards and “to better connect the test to the kind of academic work expected of students in high school and college.” The SAT I was last revised in 2005 by adding a written essay section and eliminating the analogy section, thus turning the SAT I from a 1600 maximum score in two sections to a 2400 maximum score in three sections.

Though the College Board hasn’t yet provided details about the coming changes, there is speculation that the biggest changes will be to the essay section. It is being suggested that the real motivation behind the proposed changes is competitive in nature, keeping up with the raising popularity and acceptance of the ACT in traditionally SAT favored regions of the country (the East Coast and the West Coast). This redesign comes as the SAT is starting to lose market share to the ACT, which surpassed the SAT in the number of test takers for the first time in 2011, causing predications that the SAT might see changes in the near future. There is not a projected date for the new SAT I to be introduced.

All Rivermont juniors are required to take both the SAT I and the ACT, thereby positioning them to apply to the widest variety of colleges and universities. Changes to the SAT I likely will not roll out for a couple of years, so current 9th-12th graders probably won’t be affected. Today’s Middle School students, however, should pay attention! We will be following the revision of the SAT I closely and preparing our students to meet the challenges of the new exam.